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Impressive Trailer Shows Why You'd Want a Philips 21:9 Cinema LCD

Illustration for article titled Impressive Trailer Shows Why Youd Want a Philips 21:9 Cinema LCD

Although the video itself, entitled Carousel, is pretty phenomenal, the premise is strange. It's supposed to be selling us on the idea that you NEED 21:9 to see some films correctly. Not quite.


It's true, you'd fill up the entire Philips Ultra-Widescreen with picture on a 2.40:1 movie, but you're just exchanging having black bars on the top and bottom when you're watching movies with black bars on the side when you're watching TV. You don't actually "miss" any of the action.


But still, that's a pretty awesome video, and that's a slick looking TV. [Philips Cinema and - Thanks Dave!]

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I have no idea what they are trying to prove by that video.

Having a 21:9 tv is useless unless the content is 12:9, which until now, it isn't.

Besides, I see people all the time watching a 4:3 movie stretched to 16:9 on their flat screens. All the while saying, "man doesn't that picture look good".

I personally think this 21:9 tv is a horrible idea.