In her dream house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu Barbie waits dreaming

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Barbie's had dozens of careers, so it makes sense she'd give the vocation of "cosmic, insanity-inducing abomination" a whirl. Indeed, Sabrina Zbasnik has given the blonde icon a face full of tentacles and an authoritative wooden stick accessory with which to menace her edible cultists. As Zbansik explains of this project:

I would offer up some commentary on how this isn't born from the old hat idea of "ooh isn't it funny making Barbie ugly" but more a plea to all those costume makers who think women's only worth is looking hot at all times. A woman can never be scary, or terrifying, or even truly ugly even if that is the homage she wishes to make. She must at all times be in a state of giving men boners. So...Cthulhu Barbie. If she disturbs you, I've done my job.

Should you wish to build your own Cthulhu Barbie (or Skipper, for that matter), you can find a guide at Introverted Wife. And for more of Cthulhu rampaging through childhood, see The Doom That Came To Atlantic City.


[Via Neatorama]