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Judging by some of my previous posts, I know more than a few of you are into that whole dance music/club scene. So when one of the guys from Beatport writes in and tells me that he sat down with two as yet unmentioned DJ decks, I admit, there was a little bit of a rise. The Numark IDJ2 iPod mixer (pictured here) is still being worked on and it kind of shows. Apparently, BPM readouts aren't exactly what you'd call "accurate," and the platters were about as stable as Jason Chen. Mixer quality was decent, though.


The next deck comes to us from Vestax and is given the highly intuitive name of the VCI-100. Here, all mixing is handled by software—Traktor 3 LE—and there's enough on-board MIDI controls to satisfy just about everybody, save for that prima donna Tiesto. Now who wants to go see Paul van Dyk next month in New York with me?


NAMM 2007 - DJ Interfaces Hands On [DJ Scott Paradis]

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