In Resident Alien's New Trailer, Alan Tudyk Is an E.T. Hiding Out in a Town Full of Secrets

Screenshot: Syfy

The newest trailer for Resident Alien shows Alan Tudyk as an extraterrestrial plotting to destroy humanity while disguised as a local doctor, but it turns out he might be the most normal thing in town.


Syfy has released a new trailer for Resident Alien, which stars Tudyk as Harry, an alien who’s passing himself off as a small-town doctor while trying to contact his fellow aliens so they can invade Earth and demolish the human race. But his life and mission get thrown into turmoil when Harry is tasked with solving a local murder. One that hints there’s way more going on in the seemingly innocent town of Patience, Colorado than even he realized.

As we see in the trailer, Harry does his best to keep up the “I’m totally a real human person” facade while trying to stop a possible serial killer from wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, the friends he makes along the way—played by Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, Once Upon a Time’s Sara Tomko, and others—start to convince him that maybe eradicating the human race isn’t the best option. But will it be too late to stop it?

Resident Alien debuts on Syfy January 27, 2021.

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Can’t wait to see this, fall in love, and then have SyFy cancel it.