In the Next 10 Years the US Military Will Be 50% Green—Hopefully

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War is costly stuff, and isn't doing our fine planet any favors. At least, not environmentally. By 2020 however, the US military hopes that 50 per cent of their operations will be done using renewable energy.

That means solar chargers, similar to what you and I use when we go camping—only for their military communications gear, so most likely more reliable, and more costly than a $30 panel.


Solar tents, for making the most of harsh desert sun when taking shade underneath. Energy lights, and LEDs. Lots of them.

First to undertake their green campaign are the 150 marines in the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, who'll be shedding the fuel and using the sun to power their equipment instead. According to the Navy secretary Ray Mabus, "fossil fuel is the no. 1 thing we import to Afghanistan."


Wipe out the need for fuel, and you will also save lives, they believe. Some scary stats for deaths of soldiers involving fuel should be reason enough to go green—apparently every 24 fuel convoys result in a death. Astonishing. [NY Times]