In The Night House's First Trailer, There's Nothing Right About Haunted Houses

Rebecca Hall is stalked by something sinister.
Rebecca Hall is stalked by something sinister.
Screenshot: Searchlight Pictures

In fact, as the first trailer for the upcoming horror movie The Night House reveals, there’s something extremely wrong with the titular house indeed.


The official synopsis for the film—which tells us about Beth (Godzilla vs. Kong’s Rebecca Hall), grieving for her dead husband while battling nightmares about a strange and disturbing being in her home—really undersells all the creepiness going on in the trailer, which vastly understates the craziness happening in the trailer:

Not only has her husband returned from the dead (and is somehow dripping blood despite having just taken a long soak in the lake). Not only are their massively unsettling art pieces playing about the place. Not only are their malevolent spirits hassling poor Beth. But there’s an entire second backward Night House with another Beth in it. Yikes!

The Night House—although The Night Houses seems more accurate—will follow, and arrive in theaters on July 16.

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The second house / second wife twist really seems to give a lot away