In this time-lapse video, a 157,000-plastic-brick Dalek is built in 2 minutes

For this year's Toy Fair, a 280-kilogram, 2-meter-tall plastic Dalek will be unveiled to strike fear into patrons' hearts. This project required four people, 328 hours (almost two weeks) of effort, and 157,460 separate Character Building bricks. Woe be to us if this deadly creation commandeers the LEGO Apollo 11. Hat tip to Bluehinter!



Chip Overclock®

Sorry to be all geeky here but — oh wait, I forgot who my audience was, please do carry on — I wonder if there are CAD tools specifically designed or configured to design these types of things with Lego bricks and similar artifacts? I gotta believe that this Dalek and the Saturn V both started with detailed plans and from them generated a bill of materials for each kind and color of brick.