In Time Lapse, Total Idiots Find A Camera That Photographs The Future

What if you found a camera that allowed you to take photographs of tomorrow? Whatever you pointed it at, you'd get a polaroid of that spot, 24 hours later. Then imagine, what if a group of total idiots found such a camera? That's the premise of Time Lapse.


It's actually gratifying to watch people use time-visualization technology in such a feeble-minded way. In Time Lapse, these three friends find a mysterious contraption that reveals tomorrow's sights, today. And they decide to use it to get rich, like almost anybody who gains future knowledge. Except they go about it in a pleasingly inept fashion, while skating over questions like, "Can we change the future?" and "What is ethics?".

This film just appeared at the Seattle International Film Festival, where it got pretty upbeat reviews. [via Quiet Earth]


Harrison Grey

Hmm, Now where have I heard this exact premise before...