In Your Face Bass: 9 Strings Of Fury

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This custom made bass from Conklin packs a whopping 9 strings and a bitchin' Pac Man logo on the fret board. The Ziricote 9 string bass is custom made with a neck-through-body design and Bartolini split pickups with custom switching electronics that allow the player to send the 4 low strings to a bass amp while the upper 5 strings go to a guitar amp or all 9 strings to a bass amp. That's pretty hardcore and allows for some real creative playing. I'd like to see Geddy Lee from Rush or Chris Squire from Yes take on this bad boy. How much will it run you though? A lot. The base price for this custom work of art is $5100 with the ability to go much higher. Better start saving.

Ziricote 9 String Bass


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