Incoming Slim, Lighter Aluminum MacBook

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After the iMac revamp, the fantabulous and always-about-to-happen slim aluminum MacBooks may be around the corner. That if you believe, of iPod nano spyshots and touch rumor fame, the new models could be much slimmer, lighter and probably with an even smaller footprint than current ones —which incidentally is what you always would expect for the next generation. The coolest stuff, however, could be in the trackpad.


According to their sources, black and silver aluminum models "have been seen" with screens that run "much closer to the edges" and keyboards that look like their latest wireless keyboard —which coincidentally look like current MacBook keyboards. They also said that they will be "aggressively priced."

The most interesting bit of this rumor, however, is that "there's something strange about the touchpad." Other than that, no specific information about flash storage, iPhone docking bays, integrated laser guns and/or personal teleporter which, quite frankly, is really what I am interested about the next generation MacBook. [9to5 Mac]


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Hmm anyone anxious to see if the repeal of the nerd tax truly trickles down?