Incredibly Detailed Lost Spoilers Below

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SpoilersLost posted an incredibly detailed synopsis of episode four of the new Lost season, then took it down at ABC's request. Because we're spoiler whores first thing in the morning, we're going to risk the wrath of the alphabet by reposting them. (Watch out, they're really detailed!) We also have spoilers for Incredible Hulk, Star Trek and Teeth, and a new Iron Man-related photo.


If you want to read the lengthy spoilers for "Eggtown," the Google cache is still there. Here's a summary: Locke is holding Ben and Miles prisoner, trying to find out who Ben's mole on the freighter is and why the freighter is looking for the island. Kate arranges a meeting between Ben and Miles, in exchange for info on whether the freighter people know that Kate is a fugitive from justice. Miles agrees to tell everyone that Ben is dead in exchange for $3 million. Sawyer helps Kate bring Miles and Ben together, and then there's some Sawyer/Kate lovin. But then Sawyer and Kate have a spat over Kate's possible pregnancy and their future together, and they break up.

Meanwhile, in the future, Kate goes on trial for killing her stepdad, and Jack testifies on her behalf. Asked whether he loves Kate, Jack says no. And Jack and Kate can't be together because he won't accept her son. Kate's mom shows up but ends up not testifying against her. In the end, Kate gets off with just ten years' parole. It turns out future-Kate's son is actually Claire's kid Aaron.

More spoilers:

  • Dr. McCoy will explain as to how he's a doctor, not a _________ in the new Star Trek movie, promises actor Karl Urban. He may say "Damn it, Jim," as well. [TrekWeb]
  • Here's a synopsis of Teeth, the vagina dentata horror movie, which tells you exactly how many guys get their dicks chopped off (four, I think) and whether they all deserve it (they do.) Oh, and the dog eats the annoying stepbrother's dick after he lets the main character's mom die. [BunnyXPenguin]
  • In upcoming Kyle XY episodes, a social worker comes to snoop around Kyle's family. And then Adam orders Kyle to stick close to Jessi, so he takes her along when he investigates Sarah. And then Kyle starts to have mental problems. [SpoilerTV]
  • The Y: The Last Man movie will try to cram in multiple plotlines from the comic, including the Amazons, Dr. Mann's cloning experiments and Beth in Australia. [Production Charts]
  • The Incredible Hulk is fully about a misunderstood monster, who still has Bruce Banner's conscience in a mega-powerful body, says William Hurt, who plays General "Thunderbolt" Ross. Hurt confirmed that he plays a scene opposite Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark, connecting the Hulk and Iron Man films. That scene takes place after the Hulk has just defeated the Abomination, who takes joy in killing, and people are realizing the Hulk isn't the real monster, Hurt hints. [MTV Movies]
  • Meanwhile, here's a new toy that shows what Jeff Bridges will look like as Iron Man's enemy Obadiah Stane, aka IronMonger. [Superhero Hype]
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Charlie Jane Anders

@PantherShade: Hmmm... That does make more sense. I'm 90 percent sure the page at Superhero Hype said Terence Howard as Jim Rhodes aka Iron Monger when I read it last night. It's possible someone pointed out their mistake to them and they fixed it. I'll fix it on our site too. Thanks for the heads up!