India Comes Crawling Back to OLPC

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After referring to the OLPC laptop as "pedagogically suspect" a year ago, and claiming that they could build a laptop for $10 this past May, India has come back down to Earth and decided to take part in the project by delivering 22 of the laptops to lucky children in a one-room school in Maharashtra. Its a small start for a country with over a billion inhabitants, but officials have noted that distribution could broaden as early as June. [AP]


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@sotark: Maybe your cynicism is warranted, . It used to be that no one but a kid would have a bright green computer, but with the Give 1 Get 1 program, the thief says "I gave 1 and this 1's mine".

But the developers aren't stupid [*]. The machines destined for schools also have a central update protocol. When connected to the Internet they phone home once a day. If a laptop is reported stolen, the central server will... (design in progress). Of course if you assume a kleptocracy of senior ministers who think there's a market for a green kid computer, they'll make any system fail.

[*] What's the word for "the amazing hubris of armchair commenters who think the DOers of the world too stupid to have thought of their obvious criticism"? OLPC team call it the myth "OLPC has no plan for (insert topic of objection)"