Indiana Jones More Indestructible Than Ever In New Trailer

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A new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer leaked out early, and it explains a little bit more about the mythology behind that skull and why everybody wants it. And as usual, people try to shoot, hit, blow up and drop things on Indy. Spoilers and details after the jump.

Indiana is once again trying to stop the bad guys from getting their evil hands on another source of ancient power, although this one may be extraterrestrial in origin. Looks like the poorly named Mutt Williams (Shia LeBouf) is the butt of many Indy jokes. And oh my good god, there are a few moments of ancient city's guard zombies, thank you Spielberg and Lucas. I could watch Dr. Jones deliver one-liners, narrowly escape death and put on his hat again and again, no matter what his age.

Still if they were going to bring back the feisty, shot drinking Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) then why not return everyone's real favorite sidekick Short Round? Maybe Short Round can team up with Mutt if we discover that he's Marion's son with Indiana. This will then lead to more Young Jones movies or at the least a Saturday morning cartoon. It doesn't matter how many times Spielberg laughs off the questions, you know he can't avoid the father and son storyline.