Infiniti G35 Gets Hard ... Drive

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Infiniti has unveiled its latest model, the 2007 G35 that has an integrated 9.5GB hard drive that allows you to rip CDs onto. Seagate is being rumored to be the manufacturer of the 2.5-inch hard drive being used in these vehicles. The car also packs a 300HP engine and high-end Bose sound system. I'm not an expert by any means, but hard drives generally aren't designed for fast-moving vehicles with constant vibrations, but you get an A for effort, Infiniti. This car will be available in November.


2007 Infiniti G35 first to offer hard drive for storing digital music [TG Daily]



First of all, it's *not a 9.5GB hard drive*. It's a Seagate "9.5G" which is their new highly-vibration-resistant line of drives for things like portable media players and laptops and apparently cars as well. The name comes from the amount of force it can withstand. The drive is available in 20, 40 ,and 60 GB sizes IIRC, and Infiniti has not yet said (anywhere that I have found) which options will be available.

As for this car making me an a-hole... meh. I guess if driving a good-looking luxury/sport sedan that's about 10% gadget makes me an a-hole, then I'm OK with that. I'm getting one of these in a month :)