Infinity Watch Concept : MP3, Video, Curves-A-Plenty

Illustration for article titled Infinity Watch Concept : MP3, Video, Curves-A-Plenty

When you design a gadget that tries to do everything under the sun, it invariably both sucks and blows. At the very least, this 3D render of the Infinity doesn't hurt our eyes. To the contrary, it soothes them. The wristwatch has a display on the front that you can use to show off digital photos and video clips. That, and it plays MP3s. Since it's still just an artist's rendering, we'll likely never see it in the local Wal-Merde anytime soon. 'tis a shame, since they're so many quality wristwatch review sites out there.


Swatch Infinity, Mp3/Video/Photo Player Watch [Yanko Design]

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I'd wear it 'till it gave me cancer from being so close to my veins.