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InFocus Dips Toe Into 1080p With Play Big IN82 Projector

Illustration for article titled InFocus Dips Toe Into 1080p With Play Big IN82 Projector

Welcome back to the home theater projector derby, InFocus, and congratulations on rolling out your first 1080p DLP home projector. The next iteration of the company's Play Big series is named IN82 and cranks out a 4000:1 contrast ratio in that glorious resolution of which we are all so fond. It has the latest HDMI 1.3 port, and InFocus says it's capable of 1500 ANSI lumens as well, plenty bright enough for just about any home theater. But can it perform, and what about pricing?


The IN82 is packing the Texas Instruments DarkChip3 DLP chipset, and we've seen outstanding performance from that little sucker in other projectors—it's capable of delivering some deep, dark blacks. InFocus also says you can boost the contrast ratio of this setup to 12,000:1 by activating the onboard iris. But all this contrast ratio talk should be taken with a whole shaker full of salt.

InFocus prices the IN82 at $5,499, a bit higher than the two lowest-priced 1080p projectors we've tested and highly recommended, the Panasonic PT-AE1000U and the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to taking a look at this latest release from InFocus with its high contrast DLP chips. Ships in September.


[InFocus Press Release, via CrunchGear]

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