Ingenious Machine Pours Shots Each Time Team USA Wins an Olympic Medal

You know what's fun? Watching the Olympics right now is lots of fun. You know what else is always fun? Shots.


A group of dedicated fun-havers over at SmartThings has devised an ingenius contraption that will automatically dispense a shot of liquor each time a medal is awarded to an Olympic athlete representing team USA.

The shot machine connects to the internet using the SmartThings platform; the shots are poured automatically, upon medal announcement, or they can be dispensed manually via the SmartThings medal app—Jack Daniels for Bronze, Jose Cuervo for Silver, and Goldschläger for Gold.

This video features a more detailed explanation of the machine's components and how it works. Let the 2012 Olympic Drinking Games begin! [Reddit]

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It'd be even more fun if they programmed it to pour a shot every time someone on NBC says Missy or McKayla or Phelps