Innervision Plastic Bike Should be Called Re-Bicyclable

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Designer Matt Clark has come up with Innervision: a prototype polypropelene bike designed to be fully recyclable. And, incidentally, to look rather cool indeed. The frame is in two parts, which are welded together: an inner frame with strong triangular truss-structure and an outer frame for a better look. Both split into two, so the bike is easy to manufacture. For now it's made of new plastic, but Matt intends future ones to be made of recycled polypropylene. Apparently it rides well, thanks to that stiff inner body. And it's got a pretty good theft deterrent system: anyone hacksawing it free from a bike lock would have a useless half-bike. Unless they bought the toy plastic welder perhaps. [Bike Commuter via Gadget Lab]



I would think that the point of using plastic vs metal would be cost. If you use recycled plastic you could mass produce these things and get the cost down to the $10 to $12 per bike, I'm sure.....maybe even less. Then projects like Yellow Bike could use these "throw-away" bikes: []