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Working Plastic-Welder Toy For Kids Sounds Like Lawsuit-In-Waiting

Illustration for article titled Working Plastic-Welder Toy For Kids Sounds Like Lawsuit-In-Waiting

The Discovery Power Welder's sales pitch is fantastic, and worrying: "discover the power to make and create with the tool that safely welds plastic to plastic." And sure, the kit comes with specially-crafted parts that'll let your little-ones knock together a plastic dinosaur, plane or car. But what happens then? Do they start tackling their Lego collection with it, or decide to weld your iPod to your vacuum cleaner? Ok... so it's battery powered, and probably doesn't get all that hot, but we know just how "inventively naughty" kids can be. For just $30 this could allow your children to fuse your credit cards into one lump, never to be used again. [Product page via Random Good Stuff]


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Yup. I had one when I was a kid. This was around 1995. It was a car kit that you could smash up then rebuild with the spinwelding system. Definitely smelled bad, but it was fun to be able to send the toy down a flight of stairs and have it completely blow apart by the time it got to the bottom.