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INQ's Cloud Phones Embed SwiftKey's Fluency Predictive Text Technology

Illustration for article titled INQs Cloud Phones Embed SwiftKeys Fluency Predictive Text Technology

The just-announced INQ Facebook-themed phones will arrive with a predictive typing system onboard powered by TouchType's Fluency technology. Fluency is the brains behind existing Android keyboard SwiftKey, which builds a database by monitoring your typing patterns—then suggests the three most likely words it thinks you're about to [write] [type] [say]. [SwiftKey]


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I love this keyboard on my EVO, most of the time. There are a few things I'd change, like the ability to not put a word in when I hit the spacebar after a comma (since I do that by purest instinct). But I can often type entire sentences without doing anything but starting it off and hitting the predicted word over and over. I definitely makes me faster!