Instagram Stories Now Lets You Post Old Photos Without a Workaround

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

I have an evening routine where I lay in my bed, tapping from Instagram story to Instagram story, mindlessly consuming what feels like a mundane montage of all of my friends’ days. That’s because, up until today, users were limited to posting photos and videos from within the last 24 hours. But now, Instagram has updated the feature to let you go wild from your camera roll. No more limitations, no more tediously bypassing the rules by screenshotting an image or editing its metadata. Time is meaningless, baby.


Users will be able to post anything from their camera roll to Instagram Stories beginning today. It works the same as it did before, only now, if you choose a photo or video older than 24 hours, a sticker will automatically pop up, allowing you to note the actual date it was taken. Or, like any Instagram sticker, you can move it to the trash.

This is not unlike Snapchat Stories, which Instagram Stories was cloned from. And while kind of a dick move, it’s totally legal. To be fair, Instagram did it way better. And the photo-sharing platform just dug another hole in Snapchat’s deepening grave by ripping off another one if its features.

While allowing users to break free from the 24-hour time-constraint eliminates that real-time sensation, it is giving the people what they want: The ability to meticulously curate what the world sees but in an outwardly candid manner.



So Instagram has actually been letting me do this for about three months. I have two accounts, and on one when I went to upload a story I could only select from photos taken that day. But on the other account when being prompted to select a photo, it allowed me to scroll through my entire photo library, regardless of the photo’s time-stamp.

I figured it was some kind of glitch but it didn’t go away with any updates!