Instant Badminton Court: Just Add a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There's a greater chance of an alien spacecraft landing on earth in the next five minutes than there is of a badminton net surviving more than one summer afternoon. They're not exactly designed to be long-lasting, or easy to setup, which is why this all-in-one badminton court kit could be a great investment as the snow starts to melt away.

Instead of having to string up support cables and try to straighten out perpetually crooked poles, this kit comes with a set of plastic net supports that attach to its weighted carrying case. And when the regulation-width 11.5-foot wide net is attached, the tension keeps the poles propped up at the proper height. So there's no rope or stakes needed, and as a result you can set it up on any surface.


The $100 kit also includes four rackets (don't expect them to be competition-caliber) and a couple of shuttlecocks, and it all packs away into the carrying case. That means it's easy to take down at night, so it's not at the mercy of the errant wind gusts that inevitably destroy most outdoor badminton nets. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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