Instant Smoke Drops Add a Little Magic To Your Photographs

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Unless you're a master at 3D and compositing, digitally adding smoke to a photo is a lot harder than adding it practically while you're shooting. And with these instant smoke drops, you can easily create plumes without burning your studio down.

The drops actually come in two separate bottles of unnamed chemicals that when combined produce a bonafide smoke effect—without ever having to start a fire. The smoke keeps billowing for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, and just how much is produced is dependent on how many drops, or squirts, you use.

While the instant smoke can obviously be used for adding magical effects to your photos, on a more practical level it's perfect for creating steam coming off of food that's supposed to be piping hot. And if you need some more inspiration to justify their $49 price tag, just check out what Amar Ramesh is doing with smoke in his shots. [Photojojo via The Fancy]

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This reminds me of the stuff you could buy from the back of comic books in the 80's (and maybe still can). Instant smoke. Never did buy it. I believe this stuff was supposed to dry on your fingers and then by rubbing your fingers together it would activate and make smoke.