Intel Classmate 2 Gets Official, Available for Individual Consumer Purchase

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We spotted what we expected to be Intel's Classmate successor sometime ago, but now things have become official. The Classmate 2 PC was announced at Intel's Developer Forum in Shanghai, and the spec improves on the original machine's capabilities little by little.


The Classmate 2 will tote a 9-inch LCD display, six-cell battery, 512MB RAM, 30GB HDD, integrated webcam, 802.11b/g WiFi support, Windows XP or Linux OS and an Intel Celeron M processor, however, future versions will move to Intel's Atom platform.

Interestingly, the Classmate 2 will be available directly to the consumer. Amazon will stock the Classmate 2, which will carry the 2Go PC title and will be manufactured by CTL. The unit will be made available tonight, and will carry a $400 price tag. Of course, Intel will allow different manufatrers to tailor their base unit according to their need, but it seems CTL are first off the mark with their offering on Amazon.

The chaps at Laptopmag snagged some exclusive time with the 2Go PC, and they seemed to like the rugged design, bright display and good battery life. However, the machine was let down by "mediocre" performance, missing video output and low display resolution. Hit up the link to checkout Laptopmag's extensive review. [Laptopmag: 1, 2]


Serolf Divad

Nice, though I wish the vertical resolution were at least 600. An 800 x 600 screen might make the most sense on a machine of this size. If it came in pink I might buy one for my daughter.