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Intel Core Solos Belatedly Announced

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Weeks after the Gateway launched its NX100X notebook with an unannounced Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo chip from Intel inside, yesterday morning in Beijing, that core solo processor along with another one was officially announced by Intel senior vice president and general manager David Perlmutter. In his keynote at the Intel Developer Forum, he talked about the first two versions to be available, the U1300 Core Solo which runs at 1.06GHz, and the U1400 Core Solo which is a bit faster at 1.2GHz.

Even though the announcements were out of sync, these low-voltage chips use just 5.5 watts of power, letting them do their work inside notebooks without all those noisy cooling fans. Even though they are just single-core chips compared to Intel's Core Duo parts, sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of speed in the name of efficiency, not to mention peace and quiet.

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