Intel Explains In What Year We'll Be Cyborgs But Terminators Will Kill Us Anyway

Illustration for article titled Intel Explains In What Year We'll Be Cyborgs But Terminators Will Kill Us Anyway

2050. That's the year that you'll plug your brain into a toaster. Intel doesn't know how, precisely, but according to Intel CTO Justin Rattner's recent keynote at the Intel Developer Forum, they're working on it. From Intel's summary of the event:

He said Intel's research labs are already looking at human-machine interfaces and examining future implications to computing with some promising changes coming much sooner than expected. "The industry has taken much greater strides than anyone ever imagined 40 years ago," Rattner said. "There is speculation that we may be approaching an inflection point where the rate of technology advancements is accelerating at an exponential rate, and machines could even overtake humans in their ability to reason, in the not so distant future."


Excellent, Intel, While simple math can show computers crushing our intellect in no time, it's very comforting when the world's leading microprocessor developer confirms it. You'd just better sell me faster chips than the machines. I've been an excellent customer. [Intel via bbGadgets]




Anyway, here's an interesting story about simulating a mouse brain on a supercomputer. Thing about these robots, in all seriousness, is that they probably will never be able to kill us all, because their gaining the means to do so would probably not be able to result from whatever applications for them we deem the most profitable.

You hear that Ponies? You can rest easy.