This is fascinating if you're planning on getting a new computer soon or if you're a gigantic spec nerd, but Sun just spilled the beans on Intel's upcoming processor lineup in the form of a leaked roadmap. In it, you can see that there's two six-core processors, one Xeon Dunnington and one Nehalem.


The Dunnington is for the server line, as a successor for the Xeon Tigerton, and will be "Intel's first Core 2 Duo processor with three dual-core banks." The Nehalem should be of more interest to most of our readers, as it's the Intel Penryn successor (consumer line), and will have on-die memory controllers for "the first time in 18 years," along with tri-channel DDR3 memory. This means it'll be quite a bit faster than what you're currently running in terms of memory bandwidth. [Daily Tech]