Intel's Centrino 2 Platform Delayed (Upshot: No New MacBooks at WWDC)

Image for article titled Intel's Centrino 2 Platform Delayed (Upshot: No New MacBooks at WWDC)

TGDaily is reporting that Intel's next-gen Centrino 2 platform (aka Montevina) has hit a series of snags and won't launch until July 14 at the earliest. Aside from delaying new Centrino 2 notebooks generally (duh), it also significantly quashes the chances of new MacBooks at WWDC—particularly since one of the issues is with the integrated graphics chipset, which is causing serious failures in OEM notebooks.


Apparently, the Centrino 2 launch will be rolling, with some chipsets hitting in July and others following later. One of the other problems is with FCC certification of the sets with 802.11n, so that wireless N support "may see a slower ramp as Montevina can only be shipped with support 802.11 a/b/g for now."

If you recall the Santa Rosa launch last year, new MacBook Pros shipped about a month after the chipset debuted, pointing toward an August launch for new Centrino 2-based notebooks. [TGDaily]



I can't be the only one depressingly amused by the little red sad face.

Anyway, wtf...integrated graphics failure? As little interest that I have in PC gaming and such, Macbooks seem a bit due for some well-deserved discrete goodness.

That aside, LED displays matters the most to me right now. The current Macbooks are a lot more powerful than my 2 1/2 year old example, and supports twice as much RAM. All's I needs are the ELEEDEES PLZ.