Intel's Greatest New CPU Already Overclocked to 7 GHz

It's coming later than we'd like, but Intel's impending superchip looks like it's going to be worth the wait—especially if you're a speed addict. As in processor speed, not amphetamines.


It's not available to us mere press and plebes, but alleged internal benchmarks show a walloping 100% overclock—from 3.5 GHz to 7. The method required an insane dry ice contraption, of course, but still! The Bright Side of News reports the blazing clock-job wasn't even hard to pull off:

We saw the samples of Core i7-3770K going from 3.5 GHz to a massive 7.06 GHz clock. By raising voltage to 1.889 Volts, using 63x multiplier and 112.11 MHz and using dry ice - the 22nm beast passed 7000 MHz.

For reference, the current world record for an Intel i7/i5/i3 chip is 7.307GHz.

Now of course this isn't the kind of setup we'll be seeing in our next MacBook Airs, but for those of you saving a spot in your gaming rig, you should be able to squeeze stellar extra juice out of your Ivy Bridge with a decent cooling setup. Suck it, Battlefield 3. [Bright Side of News via MaxPC]


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