Intel's Moblin OS Shows Up on Dell Mini 10v

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Netbooks' smaller size can make using a normal OS a little tricky, and though Windows XP is still on most netbooks, there's definitely room for an upstart OS. Enter Intel's speedy and slick Moblin, demonstrated on Dell's Mini 10v.

Intel announced Moblin 2.1 yesterday, which is aimed at smartphones (though we've only seen it on older MIDs here at IDF), but we got a chance to play around with Moblin 2.0 on Dell's Mini 10v netbook. The Mini 10v has been around for awhile, and we've seen a variety of OSes on it: Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu and recently Android. But this is the first time we've seen Moblin on the netbook, and it looks great—very fast, with a pretty and easy-to-use interface with a top bar similar to Sony's XMB.


Dell says the Moblin-equipped Mini 10v will be available for $300 tomorrow, though it's being aimed at Moblin developers rather than consumers. But we don't see any reason why consumers wouldn't like it, so if you're looking for a netbook OS that's a little different, go check it out tomorrow on Dell's site. [Dell]