Intel's New Mobile PCs Will Ditch Vista for Linux

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UMPCs have yet to take off, yet Intel's already launching an alternative to the overgrown handhelds—the Mobile Internet Device (MID). These mini-tablets will run Linux, not Vista, as their operating system.

They'll have screens ranging from 4.5 to 6 inches and each device will carry a dual-core processor clocked from 600 to 800 MHz. The MIDs will have Wi-Fi and 3G HSDPA complemented by entertainment-friendly features. Design-wise, they look slicker than many of their UMPC counterparts. For now we can only hope they don't follow the UMPC's painful path to popularity.

Intel to Launch Linux-powered Mobile Internet Device [ZDNet]

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At least that'll take a few hundred bucks off the price.

Which is the critical thing, at least for me. I've wanted one, just not at the same pricepoint as a full featured laptop. Get it somewhere between PDA and a grand and then we're talking. What ever happened to those $700 UMPCs we were hearing about?