Intel's Yonah: Better Late than Never

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Intel has a new Core Duo chip in the works, a 2.33GHz processor with a name that simply rolls off the tongue: the T2700. Expected to ship sometime in the first quarter of this year, this high-tech part of the Celeron M 4xx family of chips Intel inexplicably code-named "Yonah," brings dual-core speed to laptops. This puts Intel ahead of its own schedule, which originally had these chips shipping in the second quarter of this year. So there, Intel, you're only a year and a half behind AMD now. An additional enticement from the enormous chipmeister is another one of its upcoming Core Duo processors, the ultra-low voltage 1.06GHz U2500. That power-sipping chip will make those lame-ass laptop batteries last even longer than ever, a welcome prospect for some workaholics.

Intel readies 65nm Yonah-based Celeron M 4xx series [The Register]


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