Finding the right camera bag for travel is a challenge because, these days, your camera gear isn't the only kit you need to drag around the universe with you. The Pelican Progear S130 Sport Elite carries your camera gear in a conveniently sized bag and has an invincible compartment for your laptop.

The camera section of the bag has enough space for your DSLR body and a few lenses. It's smartly designed low on the bag, close to your center of gravity. The top-loading laptop case is crushproof and watertight so when you need to drop your bag in the jungle to run after a chimpanzee (or something) your MacBook won't feel a thing. Yes, it costs $300, but did you know it's TSA friendly and fits under the seat in front of you? Not even the most vicious flight attendant will be able to stop you. [Pelican]