Sometimes at the end of long, hard week, it’s easy to wallow in self pity: “I doubt many people have it this hard,” you think to yourself. But this interactive visualization can help you see just how many people share your experiences of day-to-day life.


Put together by Nathan Yau, the charts make use of the American Time Use Survey which is carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data’s not perfect—it’s a sample not a census, and it relies on self-reported data—but it’s probably as good as you can get.

Breaking down life into a series of activities— work, chores, sleep, travel, leisure and more, though not, ahem, ‘intimate’ time—a series of sliders allow you to define your typical day and compare it to the rest of the U.S.. Yau also provides a commentary along with each chart to give a little insight about what you’re looking at.


How does your day stack up?

[Flowing Data]

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