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Internet-Connected TV Apps System Renamed to "Smart TV" by LG

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seemingly, Smart TV is a rebrand of LG's NetCast system—an internet-connected TV service with a home dashboard, displaying apps and widgets. Considering NetCast offered Skype, YouTube, Netflix, VUDU, and Yahoo Widgets, we shall expect more of the same.

Smart TV will be launching in early 2011, but there's already a peripheral available today that will be able to support it—the Magic Wand remote, which we saw back at CES. LG described it then as "mirroring a "Wii-like" experience," and by the looks of LG's press release (below), it sounds like they intend on stepping on even more of Nintendo's turf. Would you use the remote to color in a coloring book, or show you yoga positions? Maybe if you were too cheap to buy a Wii.


BERLIN, Sep. 1, 2010 – At this year's IFA, LG Electronics (LG) is unveiling its debut contribution to the exciting new realm of SMART TVs with a set that mixes seamless connectivity to the Internet with exceptional ease of use. With an easy Home Dashboard, intuitive User Interface and User eXperience among other TV applications, LG intends to show just how convenient its SMART TV can be.

LG's SMART TV exhibit at IFA features four main concepts: Easy, Fun, More and Better. As the name suggests, Easy is about convenience of use, which LG achieves through a convenient Home Dashboard that lets viewers use applications and access a range of premium content all on a single screen. Just like an internet portal, Home Dashboard helps viewers select their favorite content instantly without having to browse numerous websites.

At IFA 2010, LG will be making things even simpler still with its Magic Motion Remote Control, which enables viewers to find the content they want by merely pointing the controller at a list of onscreen options and clicking a single button. Used in conjunction with the Home Dashboard, the remote serves up a truly intuitive interface and experience, making the SMART TV LG's most user-friendly home entertainment product yet.

Focusing on lifestyle-oriented content, Fun shows how LG's SMART TVs can deliver entertainment value in real life through TV applications. Use the Magic Motion Remote Control to fill in the pages of a coloring book app or learn about first aid through simulated emergency situations. Alternatively, they can pick up helpful tips for relaxation and exercise through a yoga app.

More is about consuming digital content and using Media Link to transfer even more content to the SMART TV. Besides instant access to online videos and images, users can easily upload things they've created themselves. And with a smartphone, leaving the house doesn't mean missing one's favorite program because content can be delivered wirelessly. Whether connecting to an iPad, PCs, personal media players or home theater systems, LG is expanding the reach of entertainment to every part of people's lives.

Showing how it will make TV Better, LG is showcasing its quick links to premium content that TV viewers are most likely to use, such as the YouTube, Maxdome, Orange and MLB. On this solid foundation, LG is building a vast selection of online content as it secures deals with some of the internet's top service and content providers. LG is focusing on forming partnerships with major content providers for maximum entertainment value, including the possibility of Pay TV.

"With the introduction of our advanced SMART TV, LG is able to offer a ‘Total Home Entertainment Solution' enabling consumers to enjoy practically any digital content on any smart device," said Simon Kang, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. "For consumers who want full control over how and where they get their entertainment with maximum ease and comfort, the LG SMART TV solution may be all they need."

LG's advanced and easy SMART TV will launch in early 2011.