Interview: Robbie Bach Explains Why There's No Portable Xbox

At CES, I interviewed Robbie Bach, big boss of Microsoft's Entertainments and Devices division, asking big questions about Zune, Windows Mobile and Xbox. First up: Why no mobile Xbox to rival Sony and Nintendo?


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To me, seems that competing with Nintendo and Sony in the handheld arena is a bit pointless now, as it would take a hell of a lot of oomph to top the time-killer status of the DS, and emulate its home-based counterpart a la PSP. I imagine that many titles that people would want to have on-the-go may not even be developed for it, just like we'll never see any version of Gran Turismo on the PSP anytime soon, we won't see the likes of Forza on an XBox Portable. Also, what media would they use? Some proprietary disc like the UMD? Would it be a flash drive that hooks up to an XBox or PC? Cartridges? It's not as much a no-brainer as some would let on, I think.