Iogear Mobile Digital Scribe Writes Anywhere

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The updated Iogear Mobile Scribe captures 50 pages of your handwriting and doodles on any surface, using normal ink, and without the need to be connected to a computer like the previous Digital Scribe GPEN100C. This storage capability is more than enough for a full day of classes and meetings, but short of the 250 pages necessary to do anything really useful. And with useful I really mean full-length stickmen animations. Full specs after the jump:

• The first device ever to capture natural handwriting from any surface, and store it in the receiver for future use

• Students don't need to carry their laptops to class, write on paper and upload your notes when you are back in the comfort of your room

• No special notepad, digital pad, or ink is required

• Included handwriting recognition software (OCR software) turns your handwriting into digital text

• Full editing capabilities allow you to easily modify your notes

• Export notes via JPEG format and share notes with other users via E-mail or Instant Messaging

• Write on any paper up to Letter or A4 size

• 12 Language OCR Support (English, Spanish, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian)


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Data is saved in a .pegvf format via the proprietary software, but I think it can also be converted to RTF or a Jpeg.

It saves everything into its memory (can save 50 pages) which is inside the receiver, not the pen. Once you hook the receiver up to a comp, you can then transfer files to the comp, convert them, ect. It works best if you dont try to convert the written text to type, and just keep your notes as is. Then you can save them as a sticky note or regular Jpeg.

I hear this product is great for using with Vista, as it can turn your comp into a tablet of sorts, and works directly with Vista Notes when hooked up to the computer. I avoided vista like a kid with a cold (didn't want to catch it) but did try it out, and it could be a selling point if you really wanted a mouse/pen or a pen/mouse, but the mouse function on this pen was not easy to get used to.

I evaluated the product because my company thought we might want to sell it in the US, but since IO gear already had US distro, the suggestion was to wait and see if it took off. So far I am happy we waited. Down the line we will see an integrated unit. I forsee the pen cap doubling as the base unit and a USB key. I think that will make it a sexier product, but until then, do not want.