Iomega v.Clone App Portable-izes Your Entire PC

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It'd be easy to get knotted up in jargon describing v.Clone, so let's stick with the concept for now: It's a syncable, complete image of your PC, which you can boot run from basically any other PC. And it's free.


To anyone who's used mainstream backup software, this probably sounds too good to be true. In a way, yes, it is. But the tradeoff is minimal, and the payoff is more than worth it. Here's the deal:

v.Clone EMC owns Iomega, which makes portable hard drives. EMC also owns VMWare, which makes virtualization software around. v.Clone is essentially a portable installation of VMWare, meaning that you can plug your v.Clone-loaded Iomega portable HDD into most any Windows computer, run the app, and boot into your saved virtual machine. The secret, though, lies in what you're booting into—namely, a perfect copy of your main PC.

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In other words, v.Clone lets you make a full copy of your primary PC—including apps, media, settings, etc—to a VMWare image, run said copy from other Windows-based computers, and upon reconnection with the primary PC, sync any changes you made while running the virtual machine back to your main PC. Likewise, any changes you've made on your host PC can be synced to your virtual machine, so your v.Clone image is more or less a virtualized, up-to-date clone of your main PC. We haven't been able to try it out yet, but Iomega assures us that the whole system isn't as ass-slow as it sounds like it could be, because the syncing process is incremental—if you only change a few things on your virtualized image, syncing it with your host PC won't take more than a few minutes.

There are a couple of catches here: the software may be called v.Clone, but it's not creating a traditional, raw image clone. If your main PC faceplants and destroys itself, your v.Clone image will let you salvage your data, but it won't let do a full restore, like Norton Ghost or Time Machine. And despite the fact that portable HDDs are all exactly the same, this software will only work with Iomega drives. But still, kinda genius! (If you happen to this particular brand of totally commodified product!)

v.Clone is available for owners of Iomega USB portable hard drives, including the full eGo and Prestige lines. [Iomega]



Only problem,.. what happens when you boot it on a person's computer that has a virus/isn't firewalled?

Then your pristine home PC that is shielded otherwise, syncs and gets the VD.