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If you're tired of 'dust-busting' every single photo you take in Photoshop, you can solve the problem at its source with this ionizing FireFly air blaster that promises to neutralize the static charge on dust particles so they easily fall off your camera's sensor.

FireFly's $130 DSC-2000 comes with a Giottos Rocket Blower so it packs plenty of oomph, but the secret sauce here is a 9-volt battery-powered box that produces negative and positively charged ions. So it neutralizes the dust particles' staying power while blasting them away. It isn't the perfect solution, though; the dust is still inside your camera and has the potential of sticking to the sensor again. But the blower includes a 20 micron filter so you aren't blasting in more dust during the process, and the touch-free approach certainly reduces the potential of damaging your camera's most crucial component. [FireFly via PetaPixel via The Phoblographer]


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