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iOS 6 Might Get a Do Not Disturb Feature That Stops Annoying Notifications from Taking Over Your Phone

Illustration for article titled iOS 6 Might Get a Do Not Disturb Feature That Stops Annoying Notifications from Taking Over Your Phone

With WWDC around the corner, iOS 6 rumors are coming in waves. 9to5Mac is reporting that iOS 6 will have a super useful 'Do Not Disturb' feature, iCloud Tabs and Mail VIPs. Do Not Disturb looks especially useful, as it would be able to hide all alerts and banners from taking over your phone while you're playing a game or just don't want to be bothered.


All the features hail from Mountain Lion, Apple's next desktop OS and tie themselves neatly with iCloud. iCloud Tabs is a simple way to keep various versions of Safari (desktop, mobile) in sync, when you open iCloud Tabs on your iPhone, you'll see a list of tabs you have open in Safari elsewhere. Mail VIPs are just a simple star next to very important people who send you e-mails. Potentially useful in helping you quickly sift through your e-mails.

But perhaps the most useful new feature is a 'Do Not Disturb' toggle switch. When flipped on, Do Not Disturb will disable all your Notification Center alerts and banners. Anyone who uses an iPhone knows that notifications can get a little annoying when you're trying to beat your high score on a video game or if you're sleeping and don't want to be bothered. Using Do Not Disturb will keep those notifications hidden away. 9to5Mac says the feature is currently buried as a toggle switch in which is okay but we'd much rather have the option as a toggle inside the Notification Center drop-down banner as some sort of *gasp* widget. [9to5Mac]


Image Mockup by 9to5Mac

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If you're sleeping, there's a thing on the side of your phone call "the silent toggle"

It's only been there for 5 years, so not everyone knows about it, but it's the greatest thing!