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It seems the first iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak by Nate True we all rushed to install is throwing a handful of problems, some of which are fixable and some of which leave us wishing we had waited a little bit. Here's what we know so far from personal experience and what we've read on the internet.


Google Maps Faux GPS has problems working unless you install Navizon.


• Cannot change EDGE Settings. Jesus's EDGE is now nonfunctional because he can't enter in the custom settings for his provider. This is not a big deal for people actually on AT&T or one of the three official providers in Europe, but for people who've SIM unlocked and are wandering about on other networks, it's a huge deal.

• The jailbreak may break official third party apps from the SDK? We don't know if this will be the case, but iPhone Atlas claims that the method Nate used to jailbreak disables "Nikita," which is a component in the iPhone that installs signed software. Signed software, in the iPhone's case, would be official third party apps that are signed by Apple to make sure they don't corrupt or kill your device. If this is broken and unfixable, then jailbreakers may be unable to get in on the SDK action in February.

The official iPhone Dev Team jailbreak was released yesterday, but we haven't had any experience with this yet.

What have you heard? Drop a note in the comments detailing the problems you've had with the jailbreak or just 1.1.3 in general.


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