iPhone 2.2 Release Just 10 Days Away

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According to the consistently reliable iPhone Hellas, the iPhone OS 2.2 update will appear even sooner than we all expected. Barring any sudden plan changes, the iPhone Hellas people are saying the upgrade will be available on November 21. The new feature list remains unchanged from the previous beta versions, so the question here is: Would they add copy and paste by surprise? Like always, the jury is still out on any last-minute surprises. Since there were a few major additions to iPhone OS 2.2 beta 2 that weren't in beta 1-like the walking directions, public transit route information, the application scoring, and the direct podcast downloading over the air-we may find more things in a third beta. However, with just 10 days until the 21, this seems unlikely unless there are small changes. [iPhone Hellas]


The background notification system Apple promised us in September would be nice too. As would copy and paste. And MMS. And being able to type in landscape mode for texts and e-mails. etc, etc...things every other smartphone has had for years now.