iPhone App Enlarges Your Penis Through Hypnotherapy—REALLY (UPDATE: Apple Pulled the App)

After the iPhone app that fixed erectile dysfunction through soundwaves, here comes another wonder of science: Penis Enlargement. "Enlarge your penis effortlessly with hypnosis. Do you want to enlarge your penis with the push of a button?" the description says. [Updated]


Of course I want! Who doesn't want to? Not even Phil Schiller would say no to this application, especially when it is free! I just hope they are no expansion packs are extra cost inside. Like, "Correct leaning to the right, $1.99", "Add more veins, $2.99", or "Circumcised foreskin recovery, $4.99".

Whatever. I'm downloading it right now, because I'm sure that, if the App Store team has approved this application, it's because they have tested it.

Update: Apple pulled the app shortly after we published this article. Come on Phil, don't be that way. [Krapps]


The Circumcised foreskin recovery makes a great stocking stuffer!