iPhone Apps 12/10

Infinity Blade: Infinity Blade, the iOS game to end all iOS games, is finally out. It looks hotter than any iOS game we've ever seen. And while some have deemed the gameplay repetitive, the fantasy world in which it takes place is so beautifully rendered that I'm glad to repeat whatever the hell they tell me to. $6


Dead Mobile Rising: The most fun you can have smashing zombies on your iPhone, Dead Rising Mobile, like the console versions before it, taps into the lighter side of zombie killing-smashing them with objects that you'd never ordinarily consider weapons (though there are, of course, the requisite butchers knives and chainsaws, too.) The missions and gameplay are pretty straightforward, but they help push you along to find new ways to dispense with the bumbling masses. If you're in trouble, you can shout out to your friends for help via Twitter or Facebook, and if the zombies infect you before your friends make it there you can reanimate as a special zombie in their game. $5

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Flight Control: Flight Control, the iOS game that achieves the difficult task of making landing safety fun, now has online multiplayer through game center. And voice chat. Excellent! $1.

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Jenga: All the frustration of the classic board game, now made virtual, on your iPhone. $3.

ABBA Singbox: If you change your mind, you can take a chance on me, Jesus:

ABBA Singbox: An iPhone game that lets you sing ABBA songs alongside Frida and Agnetha, while Björn and Benny do their thing. The only way life could get any better than this is if actual Swedes were singing besides you.

Because, trust me on this one, nobody-yes, nobody-sings like drunk Swedes. The $3 official ABBA app comes with Dancing Queen, and you can buy three other classic-Mamma Mia, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) and The Winner Takes It All-for $2 each.

Expensive, you said? Shut up. It's fucking ABBA! My Swedish meatballs predict that this application will be number one at the App Store this Holiday Season.


Yeah! $2.

FLUD Mobile: A cleanly designed feed reader that serves up bits of news not as a list of text headlines but rather as a grid of attractive, picture-bearing squares. Navigating with horizontal and vertical swipes is a piece of cake, and new feeds can be added from a list of featured sites or simply by searching for a site's name. Free.




Wow, that video makes Infinity Blade look incredibly boring.

Meet guy.

Slide your finger around randomly.

Bad guy falls over.