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iPhone Apps We Love: Pageonce Is Our Cheap Personal Assistant

Illustration for article titled iPhone Apps We Love: Pageonce Is Our Cheap Personal Assistant

Lifehacker covered the web version of PageOnce already, but think of it is as a web portal that displays all your various utility, credit card and shopping accounts in one page for easy glance-ability. This is the exact same thing, except on your iPhone. We love it.


Enter in your logins to your Wells Fargos, your Netflixes, your Comcasts and your Diggs once and you'll be able to check them out on the go. Wondering whether that check cleared? Just tap your bank's name and it'll come up with your account info. Want to know when that movie is due from Blockbuster Online? When your next utility payment is due? Easy.


The only thing we'd potentially worry about is having all your logins and passwords held by one institution, reducing each company's security systems to a single point-of-fault held by Pageonce. On the one hand, the service is supposedly pretty safe and has stuff like 256-bit authentication, and on the other hand, we're too lazy to individually visit each web page when we want to look up stuff. This seems like a win-win. Except when you lose your phone, then it's a mad dash to delete your info from Pageonce. [Pageonce]

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