iPhone Oddsmodo: The Chances Cisco will Destroy Apple in Court

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I guess it's only appropriate to throw up an Oddsmodo while the Gizmodo team is busting our asses in the city of sin. So ... the news of Cisco suing Apple only broke a couple hours ago and our tech-friendly bookmakers at Bodog already have some lines going. You can wager you hard earned dollars on:

• Will Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock close with a value of 110.00 or more by June 15th, 2007? (Yes: -140, No: EVEN)
• Will Cisco win their lawsuit against Apple Inc. over the "iPhone" trademark? (Yes: +500, No: -105)
• Will Apple Inc. be forced to change the name of the iPhone due to Cisco's trademark? (Yes: +500, No: -900)

Our take? The bookmakers are favoring Apple heavily in having to change the name of the iPhone, but it favoring Apple only slightly winning the lawsuit. It just depends on how serious Cisco is about this, their iPhone stuff that they acquired (and are protecting with this lawsuit) isn't too spectacular and I'm not sure it is something worthy spending million fighting Apple for. Then again to make some good money on a bet like this, take the long shot and hope Cisco stays stubborn and forces Apple to change the name.


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