iPhone Ringtone Sounds Like Holy Angels Tinkling: Download it Here

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Click to viewOne might remember that Steve Jobs took a call on the iPhone during the Keynote. Well there was a unique ringtone there. A ringtone of heavenly qualities in tone, rhythm, and key that Steve Jobs likely had composed by the eternally restless soul of Beethoven which he summoned with the ritual sacrifice of a Macbook (Beet is a Mac User, even as the Undead). We have it here for you.


Credit goes to an anonymous Gizmodo fan that took the time to extract the ringtone audio from the presentation, clean up the static and the sound of 1,000 fanboys wetting themselves, and send it on in for our loyal and awesome-tastic readers to load onto their plebeian handsets. We've got the skins, the papercraft model, and now we've got the ringtone. Franken-iPhone, here we come!

Download here: iPhone Ringtone

UPDATE: I hope you've already downloaded the tone from the keynote, because the Big A has asked us to take it down (they asked nicely, if you're wondering.) That link now goes to the sheet music, which you can use to DIY. Email the remixes.

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In answer to SpacemanSpiff above: nothing is really preventing anyone from doing this, other than the usual pressures of legal action. But in Japan, at least, the iPhone is being met with a big yawn, so who knows if they'll bother?