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iPhone Skins For Windows Mobile and Palm Available, Apple's Angry

Illustration for article titled iPhone Skins For Windows Mobile and Palm Available, Apples Angry

The iPhone's famous interface is already (illegally) available on Windows Mobile and Palm-based smartphones as skins. The iPone skins don't add any real functionality, but they do completely rip off Apple's trademarks left and right, something that has upset Jobs & Co. As such, Apple has demanded the removal of the files from the messageboards (Brighthand and xda developers) where they were first posted. You're probably better off just waiting for the real thing.


iPhone skins irk Apple [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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I don't understand the issue. These iPhone skins are made for PDA devices, not cell phones, so clearly this is acceptable. Right, Jesus Jobs?

Note to Stevie: You can't have it both ways. If you are going to rip off Cisco, then it should be acceptable for other folks to rip off your products.