iPhone-Thieving Hookers Cause a Motel Shootout

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Partaking in a prostitute's services is risky enough as it is—even more so when her fingers are as nimble as her tongue. Two Stockton, CA men learned this lesson the hard way Thursday after a pair of pilfering prostitutes made off with their phones and they responded in the dumbest way possible.

According to police reports, Cesar Salmeron, 28, and Jasiel Salmeron, 25, had earlier been at the motel in a dispute with two ladies of the night who allegedly stole their iPhones (presumably for non-payment). The men later returned to the motel, hoping to confront the women. To show they meant business, one of the Salmerons fired a single round through the motel room's door. What the slighted men didn't expect was for the room's new occupant to also be packing heat. Which he was. And proved by firing back, striking one of the Salmerons.


By the time the police arrived in response to the reports of shots fired, all of the suspects had cleared out—the Salmerons, the hookers, and whoever else was in the room that night. Luckily one of the Salmerons was dumb enough to return to the scene of the crime—still carrying his weapon—where he was promptly detained by authorities. The police then traced the other Salmeron when he showed up to a local emergency room with a gunshot wound. Both have since been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm. There's no word on whether the authorities were able to locate their phones, though that's probably the least of their worries at this point. [Fox40 via Fark - Image: morrbyte / Shutterstock]