iPhone vs Windows Mobile

We're still months away from the official launch, but the iPhone is already drawing various comparisons to other mobile phones. In this video we see the iPhone's interface being compared to Windows Mobile. For the most part, both phones can perform the same tasks. The Windows phone actually beats it out with a few extra features like a built-in radio, but where the iPhone wins, I think, is in integration. Without being a fanboy, its UI seems a lot smoother and more intuitive than Windows Mobile. What do you guys think?

Video: iPhone vs HTC Artemis [Applesfera]


Clearly the iPhone has the better UI and better overall integration. The phone screams usability and style. For that I think the phone is brilliant, and for the people who can actually afford it but aren't tech nuts, it's going to be killer. But also clearly the Windows Mobile units completely destroy it on overall features, customizability, expandability, and potential.

They're really very different markets. While I'd love to have a unit like this that's as slick and well-integrated as the iPhone (I'm a self-proclaimed iPod-hater and Steve Jobs had me until he said Cingular), in the end I'd still much rather the flexibility provided by a Windows Mobile device. I own a Pocket PC (2003) now, and I'm very comfortable with it. I'm also a die-hard PC user over Macs for the same reason. If my computer's still running the same way it was a week ago, I'm disappointed. There's a huge market for the Mac in people who are comfortable with what's already on their computer and don't like to fiddle with things, and that's the same market the iPhone's perfect for. Drop a couple hundred bucks off the price and add more networks and the thing will kill.

But in the end this is almost exactly the Windows versus Mac debate taken to phones. Moreso even than the Pocket PC versus Palm used to be, both in manufacturer and true spirit. Style/integration versus flexibility/complexity. As long as Apple doesn't start overrun the phone industry the way they did the MP3 player industry, though, I'll be happy there's an option for everyone.